Corporate information

Corporate profile

We are the companies which make motor control a speciality.
We are developing and manufacturing consistently the motor driver and controller which are servo products since the establishment in 1969.
We always value originality and offer the significant function which is not in the product of the other company.
The industrial field to which our servo products contribute to ultra-precision machining, laser processing, line synchronous control, etc. is continuing big growth.

Company name Servoland corporation
Articles of incorporation Developing, manufacturing and selling electronic equipments for industrial use
Established 19. Nov, 1969
Head office Sagamihara, Kanagawa, Japan
Capital JPY 100,000,000
Representative director Yuji Hosogaya (Doctor of Engineering)
Chairman Hiroaki Hosogaya
Address 7F Sagamihara daiichi-seimei bldg.
4-3-14 Sagamihara, Chuuouku, Sagamihara, Kanagawa
252-0231, Japan
Corporate philosophy We create servo technology and serve growth of the intelligence machine civilization which can perform a convenient and comfortable life.

Recent developing achievement

Certification of "Kanagawa Standard"
(Open standard standard)
Servoland received the certification of "Kanagawa Standard 2009" from Kanagawa prefectural government.
By promoting the development of a versatile driver that supports open network standards, the versatility of the driver will be more enhanced.
We will continue expanding the adoption of the de facto standard such as CC-Link and EtherCAT.
Subsidized developing project of precise positioning Our "Specified fundamental technology in precise positioning" was adopted as a subsidized project by government in 2009.
We are promoting the sophistication of servo technology which is required in the semiconductor manufacturing field, such as ultra-precision machining.
Certified project of "Creative Business Activities of SME" We were adopted as a subsidized project of "Creative Business Activities of SME" by government in 2003.
We are promoting the development of intelligent high-precision servo driver and we are developing a wide variety of servo components.